Date: 28 September

Time: 18:00 CEST


Business school admission

Participants in the free webinar will learn what it takes to craft the perfect business school application — from the resume, to the recommendations, to the essays.

Test strategies

Applicants will also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the winning strategy to get 760 on the GMAT. They will find out what people who reach the high 700's do differently and what sets those people apart from the rest.

Insider information

ExamPAL will offer insights, tips and strategies from data it collected on over 50,000 students.

The instructors

Iliana Bobova is Editor in Chief and Head of Admissions Consulting at Advent Group. Iliana is an international education and career development consultant. She has more than 15 years of experience in the admissions office of an Executive MBA program of an American university in Europe and a consulting practice in international education.

David Valadarsky is a senior tutor and professional test-prep writer. David is a lifelong learner with a BSc and MSc in Biomedical Science and Immunology. His passion is to translate abstract concepts into everyday language and to design activities which promote comprehension of intellectual problems such as information theory, coordination, and decision making on an emotional and physical level.

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