In this video you will hear advice from Darden’s Business School MBA Admissions Dean Sara Neher on how to stay positive if you have been put on the waitlist of your MBA programme.

Make your own choice

Decide for yourself whether you would like to stay on the waitlist of this school or would rather decline and go to some other school.

Ask for feedback

The second thing you can do is to get some feedback from the schools you have waitlisted you. You can get feedback specifically about how you can improve your application and get into better shape for the next round.

Some of that is going to depend on you. Are you willing to take the GMAT again, to tell the B-school more about your work experience, get more recommendation letters, give the B-school more details on your career plan?

The main thing to remember is that if you are on the waitlist you can ask for feedback from the school in order to do something to improve your application for the next round. This shows that you are really committed to the school and want to do something more to improve your position on the waitlist.

Communicate with the B-school

Sara Neher says that another thing you should remember is to always respond as soon as possible to the emails the B-school sends you. But you do not need to send any more emails to the school after the one asking for your feedback. It is not going to help your position if you are constantly sending emails to the school asking more and more questions.

Good luck with your application process!