In our list of the most popular reads on the topic you will find tips on how to score high in admissions tests, as well as useful preparation materials for a strong start to the New Year. Stay tuned throughout December when we unveil our most popular articles on MBA admissions and language tests. Feel free to state your preferences for topics we should cover in 2018 in the poll at the end of this post.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 GRE and GMAT articles for 2017!

#10. Average GRE Scores at the Top US B-Schools

Average GRE Scores at the top US Business Schools

As the GRE is becoming a legitimate avenue for B-school aspirants, Poets&Quants has compiled a ranking of the average GRE scores at 50 top MBA programmes in the US.


#9. Crack the GMAT – How to Score Your Best

Crack the GMAT – How to Score Your Best

How to crack the GMAT and score your best? The first important factor for successful GMAT preparation is that students have to be aware that this is a demanding task but one which can definitely be accomplished.


#8. The Most Challenging GMAT Questions 

The Most Challenging GMAT Questions

Each student has a different idea of the most difficult GMAT questions. However, there are two sections that many students find particularly tricky.


#7. Discover the Best GMAT Books

Discover the Best GMAT Prep Books

Looking to find the best GMAT books and materials? Check out this list of the 7 best GMAT books!


#6. How to Use the 2018 GMAT Official Guides

How to Use the 2018 GMAT Official Guides

The 2018 edition of the GMAT Official Guides was released in June 2017. This is a great opportunity to present you with an overview of the Official Guides, and to explain why and how you should use them as a key part of your GMAT preparations.


#5. How to Study for GMAT with a Full-Time Job

How to Study for GMAT with a Full-Time Job

Learning how to study for GMAT and exams such as ACCA or CFA efficiently is important. However, being aware of the ways in which exam preparation can impact other everyday aspects of our lives is also part of the deal.


#4. GMAT Scores That Can Get You into an MBA

GMAT scores are often one of the main worries of students applying for a business Master’s programme and a lot of stress and hard work is put into achieving high scores. Check out the GMAT scores that can get you into an MBA.


#3. Free Online GMAT Study Material

Free Online GMAT Study Material PrepAdviser

The GMAT study material available on the Internet may be really overwhelming if you have decided to prepare on your own and you are now beginning your quest. Here is a handy review of five free online resources compiled by someone who has already conquered the GMAT.


#2. GRE Scores That Can Get You into B-School

GRE Scores That Can Get You into B-School PrepAdviser

So, you are considering applying to business school with a GRE score, instead of a GMAT one and you are skimming through every bit of information you can regarding GRE scores, right?


#1. How Much Maths Do You Need for the GMAT Math?

How Much Maths do You Need for the GMAT Math

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the most commonly required aptitude test for admission to MBA and some Master’s programmes in business and management related fields of study. Everything you need to know about GMAT math is here.