"English at Work in Asia: Job Applications, CVs and Cover Letters" is a two-part free online job search course that is based on interviews with industry professionals and experienced recruiters. Part 1 helps you create a compelling CV/résumé and job application. Part 2 helps you interview successfully.

This course is for both native and non-native speakers of English. Native speakers will learn from industry professionals and recruiters about how to design effective CVs, résumés and cover letters and how to create a compelling online presence. Non-native speakers will also benefit from the English language input that is provided in each week of the course.

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Week 1: Excelling at Leadership and Creativity Find out what industry professionals think are the qualities and attributes of a leader, and why creativity is important in job applications; learn what you should do before applying for a job, plus vocabulary related to ambition and how to modify your level of formality.

Week 2: Getting your CV/Résumé Noticed Know what you should put in a CV, and what should be left out. Learn different ways of ordering information in a CV, who you could use as a referee, plus vocabulary related to action verbs and HR buzz words.

Week 3: Selling Yourself in the Cover Letter Learn how a cover letter can effectively complement a CV and give you the edge. Get tips from recruiters, as well as language input about parallel structures, verb forms, tone and style.

Week 4: Creating a Compelling Online Presence Study the importance of an online presence when applying for jobs. Create your own online profile and expand your digital vocabulary.

Start date: Self paced

Length: 5 weeks

Language: English

Instructors: Jessica Xia, Bee Dy

Institution: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Platform: edX