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  • The MBA application essay is one of the most important factors for admission officers when deciding whether or not you will be accepted to their business school. Do you agree? Share your opinion in our forum!
  • Research who will be reading your essay. This will give you a clue on how you will be judged.
  • Remember to allude to specific scenarios in which you have demonstrated leadership potential, intellectual capability, dedication to your career goals, and possession of positive personal characteristics.
  • Try not to go off topic and write vaguely. Get straight to the point by answering the question, following a structured plan.
  • Keep the word count in mind.
  • You will not impress the admission committee by using long words and complex sentences, and are more likely to confuse them. Reach Ivy explains:

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Of course, a vast vocabulary and sophisticated communication skills are exceptional attributes to possess. However, please understand this: Do not use big words and complex phrases just to show them off. Chances are you will muddy your message and end up looking pretentious. Instead, use simple, clear language and let the content be king.

Useful Information:

  • Showing maturity in your essay requires that you provide evidence and use a rational thought process when presenting information about yourself.
  • Understand that writing well comes along with hours of editing several drafts. You should not rush this process. Have a professor, colleague or close friend look over your essay to make sure it looks right and presents you in the best light.

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