If you want to gain a competitive edge and focus on your GMAT studies with a winning mindset then this is the best choice for you. During this free seminar, a Veritas Prep instructor will walk you through the GMAT exam and show you what to expect and how to conquer the exam. The key is to tune in your mind and think like the GMAT exam testmaker.

In this 60-minute session, Veritas Prep GMAT leading expert Brian Galvin will show you how. He will demonstrate the tools that the GMAT test maker uses to create trap answers, requiring critical thinking skills to avoid them.

After the seminar you will be equipped with powerful strategies for using your insider knowledge of the test maker’s approach, so that you can efficiently work through all the parts of the GMAT and beat it!

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This interactive seminar will be conducted by Veritas Prep – one of the most dynamic MBA consulting and GMAT preparation companies in the US working internationally.

The presenter – Brian Galvin – holds a Master’s in Education from the University of Michigan and has worked with the GMAT full-time since 2006 as the Director of Academic Programmes.

Combining his professional achievements with his personal hobbies as an Ironman and stand-up comedian, Brian might very well be the foremost expert on the GMAT in the world. Judge for yourself.

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