This free online course called “Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting” is an ideal starting point if you are planning a career in business, finance or accountancy.

You will have the opportunity to study business or finance and learn how to launch your own start-up. You can also prepare for ACCA exams in Recording Financial Transactions (FA1) and Management Information (MA1). And the best thing is you do not need any previous knowledge of accounting - simply sign up and start your learning journey.

About the course

What you'll learn

• Business transactions, the banking system and double entry bookkeeping

• Payroll and ledger accounts

• Reconciliation and preparation of the trial balance

• The nature and purpose of cost and management accounting

• How to record and classify costs

• How to use spreadsheets

Starting date: 12 October 2015

Duration: 10 weeks

Language: English

Educators: Barry Walsh, Tara Askham

Institution: ACCA