“For schools, the rise over the last three years in two-year applications is welcome. This echoes other research that tells us how highly students value their two-year MBA degrees for the personal, professional and financial advantages it conveys,”

says Sangeet Chowfla, head of GMAC.

In comparison to the increased demand for two-year MBA degrees, business schools offering one-year MBA programmes have stated that there is a decline of application in 2014.

When it comes to business masters programmes, most of the specialized masters degrees such as masters in management, marketing, etc., reported increased amount of applications in 2014. Difference makes Masters in Finance, which reported a decline in number of applications for second year in a row.

Supposedly, the increased demand for two-year MBAs,  is due to the fact that GMAC’s Corporate Recruiters Survey revealed that four out of five companies intend to recruit MBA graduate students in 2014.

Source: Financial Times