1. How to Do Math on the GMAT Without Really Doing Math

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“On the GMAT quantitative section, the exam is testing your logic and analytical skills using mathematics as a medium. The topics used include geometry, algebra and arithmetic, all concepts that have been covered in high school curriculums around the world. However, the emphasis is really on the logic more than the math. In short, the question is simply asking you to solve a given problem by any means at your disposal. As such, many questions can be solved without doing any math whatsoever.”

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2. Win a $25,000 Scholarship to Business School

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“Many MBA applicants rely on winning a scholarship to be able to afford MBA studies. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities provided by business schools themselves and sponsors. Check the details of the latest scholarship competition, which is based on your GMAT score.”

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 3. New GMAT Rules Call for New Strategies

The article is written in response to the change in the GMAT score reporting policy. According to GMAC, the new reporting policy provides the test taker with more control over their final result.

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“Check the seven strategies and scenarios presented in the next articles. They reflect the new situation and comment on all your options. Hopefully, this roadmap will help you look ahead and plan wisely, so that you have your best GMAT score in time for your application for admission.”

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4. How to receive strong recommendations – Part 1

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“This is the first of a series of articles related to preparing the letters of reference for your application to graduate business schools. Letters of reference bring valuable information about you to the admissions committee. Being the only part of your application which is not (or not intended to be) written by the applicant, they are given a great deal of attention by the Admissions committees (adcoms).”

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5. Crack the GMAT- How to Score Your Best

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“The first important factor for successful GMAT preparation is that students have to be aware that this is a demanding task but one which can definitely be accomplished. It will be an unfamiliar challenge and you will be in a new environment. It is most effective to work with professional GMAT instructors, who will guide you correctly and make sure you allocate a sufficient amount of time.”

The article gives some practical tips on how to beat the GMAT. You can read about them here.

6. How to Ace the GMAT- Tips and Tricks to Score High

Here is yet another article on how to crack the GMAT.

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Wherever you apply to, your GMAT scores will play a crucial role in getting accepted onto a good MBA programme. So it’s no surprise that every year tens of thousands of hopeful MBA applicants seek out the same thing: how to ace the GMAT exam. The good news is that there are some basic tools to improve your GMAT performance.

You can read the tips here.

7. Business Schools Rankings – What You Need to Know Part. 1

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“Among the first steps all prospective MBA students make along their MBA journey is going through in-depth research about which particular business schools and programmes are best for their profile, professional experience, career goals and tuition fee scope.”

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8. What the GMAT is Not Intended For?

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“A recent development is that GMAT scores are being taken into consideration by employers when they recruit MBA graduates. So it seems that the GMAT is starting a new life beyond academia. However, on each score report GMAC clearly states what the GMAT does not measure.”

Do you want to know how you can used the GMAT out of business school? Read here.

9. Debriefing During Your GMAT Prep

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“A high score on the GMAT will contribute to improving your chance of admission, and when applying for a scholarship. Take every step you can to achieve a good score. The academic director of The Economist’s GMAT Tutor explains how to learn from your mistakes in order to improve your GMAT performance.”

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10. How to Get Admitted – Think Beyond MBA Admission

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“Applying for MBA admission is a challenging process. A lot of advice is available on the actual preparation of the application. However, success is rooted at the earlier stages of your MBA decision-making. Looking beyond MBA admission to your post-MBA goals and the skills you need will give you the milestones for the selection of the right school and help you build a strong application.”

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