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  • The admissions committee will definitely ask you some high-level questions about yourself. Veritas Prep explains:

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Just like in a typical job interview, your interviewer will often start things off with “Walk me through your resume” or “Tell me about yourself.” This is your chance to take control of the admissions interview and explicitly state the two or three core messages that you want to get across. Practice is critical here — you will want to develop and rehearse a two-three minute “elevator pitch” that describes your background, highlights your strengths, and provides a story beyond the plain facts stated on your resume.

  • You will have to be prepared to discuss your reasons for choosing to do an MBA, and how they tie in with your career goals. Be as specific as possible when giving your reasons, and demonstrate that you have done your school research.
  • Your interviewer will seek a clear understanding of your professional experience. They will most likely ask you to give examples of how you acted in certain situations. You should answer directly, with specific examples from the past, and stay away from hypothetical generalizations.

Useful Information:

  • When practicing for your interview, try to find a technique that works best for you. A simple trick Veritas Prep suggests using when asked to give examples from your past experience, is the “SAR” method. S—state the situation you were in; A— the action you took; R—the result of your action.

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Source: Veritas Prep