The course can be particularly helpful to university seniors and graduates as well as applicants for admission to MBA and Master’s degree programmes as it provides the tools they need in order to succeed at job or university admission interviews.

This course will help you to succeed at interviews, whether you are applying for jobs or planning to study. Because being offered an interview can be quite daunting, we’ve put together a set of materials to help you prepare and be successful on the day,

say the authors of this course.

About the course

During the course you will learn:

- How to answer that frequently asked question “Why do you want to work for us?” with style

- What to and not to wear for an interview and go through some common interview questions

- Tips from employers and admissions tutors on what they look for in candidates and cover the types of questions you should be asking them

- To prepare for different types of interview including how to make an impression via telephone or video or within a group setting

- To prepare for tests and practical work that may be included as part of the interview process

The course consists of articles for you to read, videos to watch and interactive material with tips to help you better understand how to prepare for your interview. You can also benefit from discussions with other course-takers. Throughout the course you’ll be encouraged to collect a portfolio of your work which will help you with future interviews.

Start date: July 20, 2015

Duration: 3 weeks

Educators: Pamela Hafekost and Hilary Jones

University: The University of Sheffield

Platform: Future Learn