Has the idea of doing an MBA program crossed your mind? If you feel like it’s time for sparking a career change, gaining a new skill set, or simply preparing yourself for the competitive job market of the future, an MBA might indeed be the right option for you.

In this webinar with Divesh Chellani, Founder of Top100MBA.Club and HEC Paris MBA alumnus, you will learn how an MBA degree can help you get to the next level, how to choose the best business school, and how to prepare a strong application. Top100MBA.Club aims to provide MBA admissions consulting services to help business school aspirants crack their dream schools at prices that don’t make them feel like they’re paying an arm and a leg to secure that admit.

You will also get an introduction of Unimy’s 360° MBA Ranking – an exciting new tool where you can get a personalised ranking of your top 100 business school based on criteria that you choose.

Keep reading to get inspired for your MBA journey and learn useful information about the world of international business schools.

Discover post-MBA career paths

Attending business school can open the door to diverse career opportunities depending on your background and professional goals. Here is just a small glimpse of the directions you can take.


This is one of the fields most people immediately associate with an MBA. If your aim is to get a consulting role at big firms such as McKinsey, Bain, or Boston Consulting Group, a business degree is a great choice.

Investment Banking

If you have experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, or private equity, you might want to pursue an MBA to be able to climb the career ladder in investment banking. This type of business program will develop your financial acumen and teach you to navigate complex deals.


If you have always dreamed of starting your own business or have ideas you think are worth developing, the MBA journey will give you the boost you’re looking for. You will not only learn how to overcome challenges related to entrepreneurship in your MBA, but you will also expand your professional network – an asset which is indispensable for any startup.

Corporate Leadership

The C-Suite is without a doubt an attractive goal for any business leader. Roles such as CEO, CFO, and COO can be easier to obtain if you have an MBA diploma in your resume.

Marketing and Brand Management

Another dynamic area in business is marketing. High-level marketing roles require excellent strategic thinking and analytical skills, both of which are a primary focus of any MBA and Executive MBA program out there. If you want to lead your own marketing team or head the marketing efforts of a major company, consider the MBA route.

Technology and Product Management

Considering recent advances in technology, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, this field will only continue to grow. This means that the ability to bridge the gap between technical and business aspects will become more and more important. Global business schools know this and are constantly updating their courses to equip students with the agile and tech-driven skill set of the future.

Healthcare Management

The field of healthcare management has been a popular one in the MBA world for years now. It is a unique interdisciplinary specialization which will enable you to pursue high-level roles in healthcare management, pharmaceutical consulting, and hospital administration to name a few.

Nonprofit and Social Impact

If you are passionate about social change, an MBA can be a gateway to impactful careers in the nonprofit sector. Graduates often find roles in social entrepreneurship, impact investing, or leadership positions within nonprofit organizations.

How to choose the best business school for you?

In the webinar, Divesh Chellani lists and explains the main factors candidates might want to focus on when trying to decide on the best MBA opportunities for them.

  1. Accreditation: When business schools are accredited by organizations such as EQUIS, AACSB, or AMBA, this ensures that their practices are evaluated and approved by an external body.
  2. Program curriculum: It’s up to you to check the curricula of different MBA programs to see if their courses really match what you are looking for.
  3. Reputation: By checking the latest rankings and doing some research online, you can get an idea of the most reputable business schools in the world and whether they would be a good fit for you.
  4. Faculty and staff: Typically, MBA programs have PhD-level faculty from diverse fields. If the quality of the faculty is an important factor for you, you can easily check this information online.
  5. Career services: This might be one of the most important aspects for you to research as the quality of the school’s career services can determine the job placements you will get post-MBA.
  6. Location: Consider which business school location is most strategic for your career goals. If you want to build a career in the US, then a US MBA program will expose you to the local market and introduce you to potential recruiters in the best way.
  7. Diversity and inclusion: The more diverse the MBA class is, the more value you can obtain from the whole experience.
  8. Student body: You might want to take into account factors such as the class size or the acceptance rate of MBA applicants to a particular school.
  9. Program specializations: You could go a step further than simply researching the course curriculum and get informed about specializations available within the MBA program.
  10. Affordability: Since MBA programs – especially top-ranked ones – can have hefty price tags, it’s important to consider their affordability and return on investment.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when choosing the best business school for your needs. To make your MBA search easier and more personal, the MBA matching platform Unimy launched an interactive tool called the 360° MBA Ranking. It uses the latest data from The Financial Times and US News rankings and combines with Unimy’s own Cultural Fit Index. By logging in online free of charge and completing a few steps, you can get your own personalized version of the ranking in minutes. What is great about it is that the ordering of the schools will depend on the set of criteria that you pick yourself.

Do you want to learn how to prepare a strong application and impress the MBA admissions committee? Watch the webinar until the end for more insider tips from Divesh Chellani. Visit Top100MBA.Club to claim your free profile evaluation today.