This is a recording of the free online webinar which was hosted by PrepAdviser on 4 May, 2018. It focused on Antwerp Management School’s Master in Finance. The following are some key points from the webinar.


Set your objectives straight

Studying for a postgraduate degree is a big commitment, and therefore it is important to evaluate whether the aims of the university programme relate to your own goals. To give an example, Antwerp Management School’s Master in Finance focuses on three aspects: knowledge and analytical skills, business attitude and leadership, as well as network and international perspectives. By setting your objectives straight, you have a clear understanding of where you are headed professionally. You will also be able to track your skill development during the entire programme.

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Familiarise yourself with the teaching style

Although you may believe that the delivery of each lecture is unique and is dependent on the professor who leads it, every university follows a common methodology of instruction that is the same for all modules of the programme. Professor Marc De Ceuster says:

Our teaching style is very interactive. You will have to present your ideas and get into discussions with your colleagues. We are going to constantly challenge you, ask for your opinions, and then show you that sometimes you are right, and other times wrong. Ideas have to be challenged.

Recruitment Manager Laura Hoste goes on to explain that it is crucial to bridge the gap between university and the business world. Many university students don’t feel ready to go out into the job market after graduation because they don’t know how to apply what they have learnt and how to handle certain situations that arise in the workplace. Therefore, choosing a programme which focuses on teaching through developing practical decision making and examining different points of view, will make your transition into the workforce much smoother.

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Consider internships

Filtering your search for the right programme so that it includes schools that offer internships is another way to gain practical experience before you enter the world of work. It is a great opportunity to boost your technical knowledge and expand your professional network as well as get a real taste of your preferred industry. Sometimes, even if the school programme doesn’t include an internship, it might be able to offer you guidance and support in designing your own project. On the other hand, Antwerp Management School holds portfolios with firms launching projects that you can apply to join. Either way, showing initiative outside the classroom and making the effort to constantly seek new opportunities for growth will definitely propel you and set you apart from your colleagues.

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