You did it! You made it through all the tests, CV crafting, essay writing and application process, and ended up on the shortlist of applicants who have been invited for an interview. For some people the next stage is the easy part, for others – the hardest. Your interview can be pivotal to whether you gain admission or not, and how you present yourself is crucial.

But how do you prepare for the interview in order to let your best side shine? We have prepared three tips that will help you stand out in your business school interview and increase your chances of admission.

Really know the school

The first and most important step in preparing for the interview is to do more research. You have probably already researched the school for your essays, but repetition is the mother of learning. Go through the website information a few more times, for the school and the programs you are interested in. Try to memorize as much as you can. Don’t forget to check their social media pages and student blogs.

One of the best ways to find out even more about the school is by talking to current students or alumni (if you haven’t already done so). By doing that you will not only find out if their experiences match your expectations, but you will also understand the program even better. You can include that in your interview by talking about how you will fit in and how you can add value to the class.

Practice telling your story

Practice makes perfect. Your resume is a very short recap of your academic and professional story. So, practice telling that story in detail by yourself or with a friend in a relaxing environment. Go through common questions and have a pool of examples memorized, which showcase your leadership skills. Practicing will allow you to be more confident during the interview. But make sure to avoid cliches and really be yourself.

Going through your story again and again will help solidify it in your memory, so when you get asked a question, you won’t have to think of the answer on the spot, you will just have to recall it. Practice also helps ease the pressure you will likely feel when you are in the spotlight. Remember, the interview is a test that will show the admission committee how well you know yourself, your skills, the programs you are interested in and what you can bring to the table.

Ask questions

At the end of every interview for MBA admissions, you will be asked if you have any questions for them. Not having any, or asking something that is already addressed on their website, will reflect poorly on you. Asking the right questions will show how well you’ve done your research. Remember, the interview is a dialogue; make an effort to get to know the school.

Show genuine curiosity towards the program, ask where it’s headed or what kind of changes can be expected in the next few years. Dive further into the culture of the university and maybe draw from the information you have from current students and alumni you talked to. Prepare questions that correlate with your personal and professional interests.

Here are some additional tips: be yourself, don’t get too familiar, but also don’t be too stiff, showcase your potential, but don’t brag, be polite and show them you appreciate them taking the time to meet you, and last but not least – be ready for anything. If you are well prepared, you have nothing to stress about, just relax and give it your best.