MBA admissions committees want to recruit outstanding applicants who fit exceptionally well in their communities. This webinar will show you how to put your best foot forward and get into your dream program.

David Johnston, founder of Transcend Admissions Consultants, and his colleague John Murn, discuss how to craft an application that emphasizes fit while also being attention-getting and memorable.

Transcend Admissions Consultants focuses on providing aspiring MBA applicants with strategic advice on the most effective way to complete the application package as they seek admission to leading global business schools. Unlike many consultancies that provide limited client support, Transcend helps clients carefully plan an application strategy and generate unique ideas in the front end of the application process, and then leverages its advanced writing abilities to help clients polish application materials that will make a strong connection with the reader. 


You can stand out from other MBA applicants for a variety of reasons – test scores, professional progress, academics, extracurricular activities, etc. However, there are also some non-obvious ways to shine. Being a great story-teller is one of them. Any time we address an audience, we are trying to influence them. The problem is, giving just facts and data is unlikely to sway people. Superior storytelling attracts attention and increases the chance that our ideas will “stick” in the reader’s mind.


The goal of business schools is to find and train future business leaders. So, the best way to convince them that you will be a future business leader is to show them that you already have leadership ability and potential. That is important for all applicants, irrespective of their age or experience.

But what is leadership? Leadership is not just one thing. Try to think deeply about the type of leadership qualities you have displayed and bring those out in your essays and interview answers.


Another way to stand out is by demonstrating humility. This may sound counterintuitive, but showing humility is an attractive and important characteristic. Being humble has a bad rap because some  people think of it as synonymous with weakness but this is certainly not so.

None of us are perfect, so trying to display perfection is not realistic. David cited Adam Grant, Professor at Wharton School of Business, who claims that the most effective leaders are those who are confident yet humble.

Fitting in via your involvement

Let’s say you have managed to convince the admissions officers that you stand out. That’s great – but you are not done yet because the admissions team is also looking to see who fits in to their community by asking another category of questions like: “Who is really going to like it here?” or “Who is ready to advantage of all the resources we offer?” or “Who understands our culture or learning style?”

One way you can show you will fit in is through your potential involvement in the MBA program. For example, you can be in a student club, in a competition, or in student government. Your job is to help the admissions officers imagine you as part of the community of their school.

Fitting in via your career goals

Every MBA program will ask you what your career plans are after you graduate. In order to fit in, you need to align you career goals with the program. You need to convince the school that its resources are exactly what you need to take that next step in your career. You really want to think how the program matches and facilitates your goal.   

Watch the webinar to learn more about the five ways you can fit in and stand out in more detail. The Q/A session at the end is worth listening to as well.

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