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Question: What tricks can you use to gain admission to a top MBA program?

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  • Statistics show a higher likelihood of acceptance if you apply for an economics major at University of Pennsylvania as an undergrad, then internally transfer to study at The Wharton School. Do similar methods exist for getting into a top MBA program?

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  • Good work experience and a high GPA will increase your chances of getting into a top 5-10 university. Performing well at work will make up for a lower GMAT or GRE score.
  • Exceptional job achievements (either in Bulge Bracket investment banks or receiving promotion at a top consulting firm) might secure you entry into Harvard.
  • Students are uncertain whether part-time and full-time MBAs are treated equally by employers. Schools like NYU Stern do not allow internal transfer from their part-time to full-time MBA. Candidates should be mindful of academic policies when considering such options.


I did a full-time program (not a top 10), and my girlfriend is currently doing a part-time at Stern. From what I have seen in accounting / finance, the school name does not matter as much as the letters after your name and the alumni network. I declined an offer at BlackRock in compliance that I got with an MBA from a decent school. The letters and the network are the fundamentals. Look at where you want to go geographically and look at the schools the major players hire from. A lot of those companies say top ten, but in reality, how many people actually went to a top ten school versus others who have a similar background? It's good for getting your foot in the door at a big name firm, but 3-5 years down the line no one is going to care if you went to Harvard or Fordham as long as you get your job done well and are a smart person.


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