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  • An MBA can help professionals succeed with making a career change as well as face dramatic industry shifts in today’s fast evolving economies.
  • An MBA teaches students how to be flexible and helps them adapt and welcome change. It helps master both soft skills such as clear communication and sharpen technical skills like creating a marketing campaign and analyzing financial trends.
  • When selecting an MBA program, it’s important to think about the specific value it will bring to your professional development and how it will prepare you for the future. Michael adds:

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As someone with years of marketing experience, I like to think in terms of the value provided to consumers. I see the MBA from the following perspective: You + MBA = current and future opportunities. Yes, there certainly is an investment in time and money. But quality education does not need to cost a fortune and the MBA credential is uniquely transformative as it opens doors and possibilities without depreciating in value over time like a vehicle. But to unleash the full potential of the MBA, students should carefully evaluate their options and select a program that is designed to be timeless.

  • The curriculum of every MBA often includes management, economics, accounting, finance and marketing. However, what makes each program unique is the way that these business components are taught— preferably, the way they are currently practiced in the workplace. A dynamic program that focuses on incorporating the latest industry trends and modern practices will prepare you to enter the workforce with confidence and the skills that are most sought out.
  • MBA programs are becoming more adaptive. Online MBA programs give the opportunity for a balance between professional and family demands and many schools are opting out of requiring the GMAT, focusing instead on experience and motivation as markers of future success.
  • The style of teaching in an MBA is becoming more innovative and accessible, offering hybrid classes: a mix of in-class lectures and online learning platforms

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  • One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of studying for an MBA is the built relationships with faculty, colleagues and business professionals. These individuals will not only be your mentors during your studies but will be there to support you with every business proposal, new job offer that’s on the horizon after you graduate.


     Source: Detroit Free Press