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  • Admissions’ committees don’t expect you to visit their campus, especially if you live far away. It’s by no means mandatory, and your admission chances will be unaffected. .
  • If it is financially and logistically possible, visiting a business school campus will allow you to interact with students, sit in on a class, and get a feel for the social environment. These are all factors that will influence your final decision about attending that school. Stacy adds:

Chosen Quote:

“When you visit the school, you develop a better understanding of the school’s culture. This is sure to come through in your essays and interview. While others will be referencing the school website, you can cite specific first-hand experiences. You will meet people and have concrete encounters that you can highlight throughout your essays and interview. This adds color and individuality to your application.”

  • If you do decide to travel the distance for a campus visit, it signals a strong interest in the program. You might even bump into an admissions’ committee member and thus make a good impression on them.

Useful Information:

  • Calling the admissions’ office ahead of time is a good idea, as you can ask them whether you’d be able to sit in on a class, get a tour, or maybe even an interview.
  • If you have a friend at the university, it’s a great idea to arrange to spend the day together exploring things through an insider’s eyes.

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Source: Stacy Blackman