This is the question a prospective graduate school candidate interested in marketing asks Travis Morgan, director of Admissions Consulting at Veritas Prep. The candidate wants to study marketing at MIT, but is concerned that MIT is not known for sending many of its graduates to marketing companies.


Schools often get pigeonholed. MIT is best known for its programmes in engineering and the physical sciences, Wharton is known for its Finance programmes and Kellogg is known for Marketing. However, these universities have departments in other fields.

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After deciding that going to a particular school is a good idea, research the school thoroughly to establish if it offers the type of programme you are seeking. For example, MIT has a Marketing department. Once you have established that, take a look at the school’s employment report to see what types of companies MIT marketing alumni work for. This is likely to be one of your most important decision factors. Secondly, look at the particular resources the school has for your preferred realm of study. MIT, for instance, is known for its integrated quantitative resources.

These schools don’t want to be pigeonholed and they want candidates for the departments that they are not so famous for. So, to put it succinctly, it’s not wrong to go to a business school that is not known for the field that you want to go into. It’s not a bad thing that you don’t fit the specification of the school as long as you recognise the connection most relevant to you.

Watch the video to hear Travis Morgan’s comprehensive answer and to make an informed decision regarding your future.

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