If you applied to your dream school and were denied admission, don't give up hope! You can still (and should) reapply! But what exactly will the admissions committees be looking for in your reapplication? Travis answers this question for you.

Apply to many schools

It’s always recommended that you apply to at least five or six schools, so that you’re using a portfolio approach. It’s clear that you have your heart set on one particular school, and that’s fine, but even the most qualified candidates can be denied to certain schools, so making sure to apply to several schools is always a good strategy.

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People have this image that somehow if you have been denied to a school once, you immediately have this black mark on your record that you can never overcome. This is not true. In fact, MBA reapplicants tend to be admitted to their schools at higher rates than first-time applicants. This happens because they’ve done something different to improve their candidacy, and not because the school somehow wants them to apply multiple times. So, what can you do to make your reapplication better?

Come up with a better application

Improve something that the school is going to be looking for in your reapplication documents. It has to be something different, because almost across the board when you reapply they will look at your old and new applications side by side and compare them. This is why you have to show something different. A very common thing that people tend to do is to increase their GMAT score, because usually a lower GMAT score is the number one reason for schools to deny applicants. If you already have a fantastic GMAT score like 730+ – don’t retake it! Think about what were the weaknesses in your application. It could be your professional experience, your leadership experience, or the way you presented your career goals. Whatever it is, you want to show an improvement in the reapplication and that would be the absolute key to being admitted the second time.