Making a list of your top schools for an MBA can be a long and daunting process, but it can also be very exciting, as you reflect on your achievements and anticipate the success of future goals. After carefully evaluating your priorities and establishing which values you require from a programme, you are on your way to choosing the right school for you.

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1. Тhe values of the school

Apart from the special approach professors have to teaching the curriculum and outstanding facilities on offer, it’s also important to understand the personality of the school. Does it match your own values? In Swetha’s case, accounting and economics were given equal importance alongside other subject areas she cherishes: sustainability and decision making. She explains:

Imagine you get into a school which doesn’t feel right for you. You are struggling to live in the school because it’s just not what you are.

2. The quality of the faculty

Your professors should have a passion for education and make an effort to transfer all of their knowledge while also sharing relevant resources that would be of benefit to your development. Of course, remember that you should also be open and enthusiastic towards learning. Swetha shares a memorable experience:

Last semester, we had our marketing professor and operations professor teaching an entire course together. They wanted to give us a real life example of how marketing and operations interact with each other in a real business scenario.

3. Composition of the class

A high level of cultural diversity allows for greater creativity and more minds to offer a fresh outlook and solution to a problem. According to Swetha:

The kind of knowledge exchange that happens, or the crazy amount of perspectives they bring to the table is amazing. Your classmates are going to be among the richest sources of your learning.

Watch the video and good luck in your academic journey!