Applying for an MBA is a complex process even if you have an excellent profile. That said, you can easily create a winning Round 2 MBA application strategy. In this webinar, Ellin Lolis provides some amazing tips to help applicants.

Ellin, the founder of Ellin Lolis Consulting, is an award-winning writer and certified career coach, who has helped clients get admitted to top universities worldwide – with a 98.7% success rate.

Supported by a team of professionals at Ellin Lolis, Ellin is dedicated to providing outstanding MBA consulting services and customized attention and helping applicants craft a unique strategy to ensure their degree complements a successful career plan.

In this webinar, she shares some invaluable tips on how to create a winning Round 2 MBA application strategy.

The key to nailing your Round 2 MBA application is planning

While preparing your Round 2 MBA application can be stressful and time-consuming, Ellin Lolis says that one should never rush. She also emphasizes the importance of creating a personal brand: a profile one should present to the admissions committee. That could include your superstar moments, a story against the odds, or your strengths to help build a diverse class.

Lolis also says that applicants should set clear goals in both the short and long term and choose recommenders wisely. In fact, one of the most important factors to consider is planning.

So stop panic-applying! Ellin even suggests that for those willing to take the risk, applying to fewer schools that align with one’s goals and profile is better.

Planning your Round 2 MBA application

While Ellin Lolis says that patience and planning are essential, there are a few things to do immediately:

  • Take your tests
  • Create your personal brand
  • Choose the schools you want to apply to

Then, connect with the schools of your choice, engage with your recommenders, and start working on your CV and essays. Lolis says that, by the end of December, applicants should have checked with recommenders and finished writing essays and retaking tests, mindful of the holiday season.

The last step in preparing your Round 2 MBA application is to fill out all the forms required and handle your application before the deadline. Although the whole process can be exhausting, Ellin finishes the webinar on a positive note, assuring applicants that scholarships can be given to people even at Round 2.

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