This is a recording of the free online webinar which was hosted by PrepAdviser on July 23, 2018. It focused on the joint EMBA, EMBA for Eurasia, offered by Skolkovo and HKUST. What follows is an excerpt of useful information you can use if you are considering an EMBA.

What makes the program unique?

It’s crucial to check whether the program is related to your future career goals. Skolkovo and HKUST have created an executive program which addresses a specific market niche and follows the Eurasian strategy proposed by China, known as The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It makes up 62% of the world’s population, holds 34% of the world’s merchandise trade, and 31% of the world’s GDP. The initiative focuses on cultural exchange, policy coordination, facilitates connectivity, furthers trade and investment and promotes financial integration.

Who is the program targeting?

Make sure you are a good match for the school and program because, after all, you’d like to get the most from your investment. In a cohort, it’s important to network and learn from individuals who share similar experiences to you. For example, HKUST and Skolkovo’s executive program prefers profiles of corporate leaders and entrepreneurs with 10 years’ management experience. The average age of their students is 37.

What values do you hold?

Leadership and innovation are at the core of the EMBA for Eurasia, and in turn affect the way the curriculum is taught. The two schools have realized that technological advancement and creative thought are key to success, and for that reason have created the 4th Industrial Revolution Project. Students will get the chance to strengthen their business skills and develop a “we consciousness” while learning from trips made to Israel, Silicon Valley, Switzerland and China.

Is faculty important to you?

Researching the professors who might potentially teach you will make the decision easier for you when debating between two schools. Perhaps, one faculty member happens to be currently concentrating on an industry topic for which you are hoping to gain more knowledge in. A school having a faculty with wide research interests will enable you to get greater perspective from different areas of expertise and experience.

Review more info on SKOLKOVO by visiting their school profile here.

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