PrepAdviser, the global preparation network for MBA and Master’s applicants, has equipped you with a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool to start researching the best business education options for you. You can search from over 500 MBA and Master’s degree programmes offered in English by over 200 leading international business schools around the world and the database is expanding as we speak.

The PrepAdviser School Finder enables you to find business schools that best match your preferences on the “evergreen” selection criteria – type of programme (degree and delivery format), preferred country where you want to study, realistic budget, and your best achievable GMAT score. You can combine all criteria or use just those which matter to you most.

Type of programme

You can select between MBA and Master’s degree programmes. In addition you can choose your preferred MBA programme delivery format: full-time, part-time, executive, distance, online.

The choice of degree and delivery format depends on factors such as, but not limited to, years of your professional experience,  long and short-term career objectives, budget, and employment.

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B-school location

Selecting a location involves many factors such as language, culture, distance from home country, living expenses, region where you want to work and build a business network after graduation, climate and many others.

The School Finder allows you to select your country of preference and look only at b-schools in this country.

Tuition fees

Planning a realistic budget for your studies is essential and should include tuition fees, living expenses, travel and all other resources that you will need during your studies. Funding your business school studies usually combines various sources such as your personal savings and earnings, family support, scholarships, grants, loans, and employer sponsorship.

The School Finder tool enables you to select the amount (in Euro) of the tuition fee which you can afford so that the search results list affordable graduate business programmes. However, when you calculate your overall budget, plan accordingly for all other expenses that you will need to cover during your studies.

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Your GMAT score

If you have already taken the GMAT it will be really easy to identify those schools where you can qualify based on their GMAT requirements. The School Finder enables you to slide the bar to your specific GMAT achievement and get the list of best-matching schools.

If you have not taken the GMAT yet, you can slide the bar to a GMAT score range (for example between 580 and 620) which you think is realistically achievable for you. This allows you to see the list of business schools and programmes for which you can qualify based on their GMAT requirements.

Plan for about four months for intensive GMAT preparation and be aware that you are likely to score about 50 less on the actual test than you do in any mock tests.

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School Finder Search Results

After you apply your criteria you will get a list of business schools and those programmes which best meet your preferences. Your school list will appear in the section ‘School Profiles’. The listing in ‘Programmes on Focus’ is not affected by your search criteria.

Continue fine-tuning your school selection by carefully reviewing each b-school and programme on your list. Just follow the link to the school’s profile or webpage. After you have pre-selected schools based on degree and programme type, location, tuition fees and GMAT requirements, it is the time to take a closer look at what you can expect to experience during your studies.

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Look at the curriculum, teaching method, professors, class and student profile, alumni success, career services, extracurricular clubs, networking, internships, and all that matters to you and will help you find the ideal programmes.

Finally, check for scholarships and grants, specific eligibility requirements for admission and the application timeline.