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  • Students admitted to top MBA programs make sure to illustrate how they differ from the average applicant.
  • By focusing on what your unique qualities will bring to the program instead of simply listing positive traits and experiences, you are taking the first step towards establishing a strong relationship with the school.
  • Match your own personal values, learning style, career goals and academic interests to those of the schools you apply to. Otherwise, you risk regretting the overall experience.
  • Your application should be different for each school. MBA graduate from University of North Carolina comments:

Selected Quote:

The more research one does on a school and how its curriculum can help them get to where they want to go, the better. The admissions folks read hundreds, if not thousands, of essays a year. They can spot the generic essays that could apply to any school.

  • Including professional achievements in your application is great, but also consider writing about ways you demonstrated valuable skills outside of the workplace in your essay. This is one way to link your hobbies to your development as a leader.

Useful Information:

  • Don’t feel discouraged from retaking the GMAT exam if you got a lower score than expected. Rethink your study strategy, and stick to a firm schedule of at least a couple of hours a day.

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