This is a video recording of the webinar hosted by PrepAdviser on March 27, 2019 with Cass Business School. Its speakers were Alex Jones, MBA Recruitment Manager and Andrew Leal, 2017 graduate of the full-time MBA program and CEO and founder of Waggel. The discussion focused on the university’s MBAs for executives and entrepreneurs and the overall student experience.

Andrew Leal, full-time Cass MBA graduate 2017, and CEO and founder of Waggel, a lifetime pet insurance company shares his reason for starting an MBA and why he chose Cass.

Two reasons. First, I needed a network so I can eventually launch a business and leverage the resources of the university to get me to do it. Second, to validate and find out what areas of business I don’t understand and improve on that. I did the full search for the right school. My elimination process began with that I didn’t want to travel out of London. I also felt at 33, that a one-year program was better than two. A big aspect was that I wanted to be based in the city of London— A bit south is the whole of the city, and to the north is tech city, and Cass is right in the center.

How does Cass help entrepreneurs?

Focused electives will allow you to become an expert in entrepreneurship and innovation and take part in trips to places like Silicon Valley, Israel and Kenya to get a more global understanding of entrepreneurship. In addition, CityVentures offers facilities and services for startups and provides funding as well as research. There are also incubation spaces which provide free space to develop your business for 12 months in a central London location. Finally, the Cass entrepreneurship fund of 10 million venture was gifted by an alumnus who is now helping new businesses grow.

What are you looking for in a candidate?

There are five main aspects that the school finds important when selecting a candidate. First of all, contribution – are your goals achievable and will you be able to learn and add to the experience of others in the cohort? Second, academic ability. Keep in mind that the MBA is a rigorous program that will require you to apply strong quantitative skills as well as manage your time efficiently. Third, for the full-time MBA you will be assessed based on your GMAT score which you should aim for 600 and higher. Fourth, is your motivation and commitment towards succeeding in the program, and finally team skills—knowing when to lead and when to follow.

When can I apply and what are the program costs?

Applications are now open for the full-time MBA, evening EMBA, and modular EMBA programs. For the full-time MBA program, the deadline for round 6 is the 5th of May. There are further rounds that you can learn about on the Cass Business School website. For the evening EMBA, the round 2 deadline is on the 14th of April. Deadlines are to be confirmed for the modular EMBA. The program fees range from £44,000 to £50,000 and candidates are of course considered for scholarships and awards. There are also various loan options including Prodigy Finance, Future Finance, Santander.

To hear more about the MBAs at Cass Business School and get some insight from Andrew as a past student, watch the entire webinar linked at the top of the article.

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