The school is looking for applicants who are strongly motivated to join their specific program. During the admission process they try to gauge not only if the school is the right match for applicants but also their potential contribution to the program. You can get admitted to the Full-time MBA with both GMAT and GRE. For their other programs the school offers a custom test called the SDA Test.

  • The school recommends that candidates don’t use application templates and really dig deep into the program specifics before they apply.
  • The essay is an important part of the process. The school wants to know that the candidate really understands the school’s philosophy and can contribute to the class.
  • Scholarships are available for various types of profiles – by regions, merit, academic background and career progression etc.

We are looking for the “Triple A” candidates – Ambitious, Aspirational and Aware of themselves. We don’t have a model for the perfect candidate but are looking for genuinely motivated people.