In turbulent times, education and upskilling can help spur the career growth and personal transformation of senior executives. If you are ready to embark on your Executive MBA (EMBA) journey, this webinar with NEOMA Business School (France) will reveal what makes the format valuable.

The guest speakers are experienced insiders in the world of executive education. Olivier Lefaivre is Business Unit Director at the French school and Paolo Antonetti is Global Executive MBA Academic Director.

Make the most of their Executive MBA insights by watching the webinar recording in full.

Who creates value?

Business education experts are used to talking about how EMBA programs benefit class participants in terms of the content and faculty they are able to access. However, guest speaker Paolo Antonetti adds one important detail – value creation is an interactive process. The fellow professionals you interact with during the program will contribute immensely to your professional development and career growth.

In the end, the EMBA experience centers on the co-creation of value between many different stakeholders and continues even after completing the program.

Main outcomes of doing an EMBA

#1. Skills and mindset

First and foremost, professionals are able to develop new competencies and redefine their leadership while attending business school. They also learn how to deconstruct their existing knowledge and examine it from new perspectives.

#2. Networking

As already mentioned, EMBA class participants learn just as much from each other as from their professors and mentors. The environment provides them with a powerful professional network which lasts beyond formal graduation – NEOMA Business School’s community consists of 59,500 alumni.

#3. Soft skills

Gaining new business competencies is vital, but it also goes hand in hand with polishing your soft skills. Your Executive MBA program should help you develop self-awareness through your professional and personal relationships. EMBA graduates step into their new career roles with confidence.

#4. Going up the career ladder

Of course, many EMBA participants start their program with the goal of getting a job promotion. The diploma can open new doors for executives, enabling them to work on a different level in their organization. Although it is not their main objective, graduates can also expect a significant increase in their salary.

#5. Transformational experience

The EMBA is a life experience,” says Olivier Lefaivre, NEOMA’s Business Unit Director. Attending classes, enriching your network, and completing team projects will ultimately help you grow as a person, not only as a professional. The new Resilience Leadership seminar at NEOMA Business School is just one example of the many EMBA opportunities to transform yourself.

If you are interested to see the EMBA through the eyes of a successful alumnus, watch the webinar recording in full. Mathieu C. Tamby, Global Executive MBA Class of 2017, shares how he developed a sense of belonging and an enriching experience during his time at NEOMA Business School in France.