Top schools always select top profiles. While not the gospel truth, it’s by no means a myth either. Top schools are not looking for best students in terms of academic prowess or professional work experience. They are looking for students who are employable.

So, imagine if you are going to study in Italy and you have great academic credentials but you do not speak Italian. What are your chances?

Second scenario, you speak fluent Italian but you want to study fashion and have a chemical engineering degree. What are your chances?

Let's break it down for you. We all know statements of purpose are one of the most important parts of your study abroad applications. Thus use your statement as a platform to talk about your transition from chemical engineering to your dream of working in the fashion sector (only an example).

Here are some of the top recommendations we have for you to build your profile for top universities:

Take GMAT/GRE: Whether you have great academic credentials or average ones, there is nothing like a good test score that can compensate for unimpressive grades or back up your great performance at school.

Certifications: If you are an engineer and want to study finance, pursue some certifications related to finance. This proves two things: 1) Your desire to learn 2) Your readiness for the program. You can obtain free or paid certifications on platforms like EDX and Coursera.

Language: Going to study in Germany? Learn German. Same for other countries. This will boost your employability chances and hence schools would be happy to recruit you.

Extracurriculars: Give back to society. This is an important attribute for top schools looking for future industry leaders. Have you taught maths to underprivileged kids? Have you helped people in care homes? Start today and start from your home. Extracurriculars also involve your interests like adventure sports, yoga, music etc.

Up to date skill-set: If you are a software engineer, are your skills obsolete or heading that way in the next 5-10 years? If so, what are you doing about it? Your skills need to be up-to-date on your CV.