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Quick Facts:

  • Since 2 years, GMAC has reported a decline in U.S business school applications while a near 8% increase to Canadian business schools.
  • Half of the 60 Canadian business school programs have grown in domestic applications and 76% have increased international applications.
  • Canada offers a multi-cultural and progressive environment for students to develop professionally as well the opportunity to apply for permanent residency after graduating.
  • Most Canadian business schools focus on giving students the chance to make a social change and a positive impact they will remember. Julia gives an example:

Selected Quote:

At the University of Guelph’s College of Business and Economics, we aim to improve life through business. As champions of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Management Education initiative, we are pushing the frontiers of knowledge through socially relevant curricula and research in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In our MBA program, students are participating in live case studies, helping organizations increase their profits and their positive impact on society. Through all of this, we are inspiring students to tackle issues like poverty, hunger and inequality through business innovation, but we recognize that no one business school can fully change the world.

Useful Information:

  • Canadian Business schools are beginning to realize the importance of ethical leadership and sustainability and are reflecting this in their curriculum through programs such as Guelph’s specialized MBA in Sustainable Commerce—which has doubled applications since 2015. The new and sought out business leader is one who faces the pressing issues of today face on and isn’t scared to take on the challenges of inequality, poverty and hunger.


    Source: The Conversation