Antwerp Management School (Belgium) is on a mission. They would like to “educate and support people from all over the world who want to create new things that matter for society.” Do you have an idea that has the potential to be transformed into a business for the greater good? Whether you are looking to develop in a corporate or startup setting, Antwerp Management School’s Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is seeking hungry, innovative minds to help shape a brighter future – one in which you are in charge.

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Having a zealous character, a combination of wonder and mindfulness, along with the unconditional support of leading entrepreneurs, top investors and design-thinking coaches will enable you to step outside your comfort zone and challenge you to think outside the box. There is no time to waste once you settle in on campus!

As soon as you start the programme, you will work during the innovation and entrepreneurship labs on your own startup idea or use similar techniques to introduce innovation within the existing business.

The foundation of the programme is multifaceted – workshops, case studies, simulations, exercises, video-analysis, and life cases contribute to an ideal environment for the malleable mind of an innovator. The aim of this varied approach is, of course, to address active versus passive learning.

Apart from the effective structure and content of the programme, the school is dedicated to your personal development and takes extra care to make you feel on track. There is no need to panic about future goals with the guidance of the personal development track, intercultural collaboration & awareness workshop, and public speaking workshop organised regularly.

A recent graduate of the programme, Moos, who enjoys the unexpected, is grateful for MIE’s focus on teaching soft skills and emphasising work driven by results. He established his own successful startup called FLAVR, an online platform which enables “every passionate home chef to sell their own meals online.

With state-of-the-art knowledge at your disposal and a university library offering a wide range of specialist literature, cutting-edge electronic magazines, eBooks and catalogues of the highest quality, you can keep your awareness and grasp of concepts sharp by accessing any materials wherever you are through the online university network.

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