Sara Strafino, Senior Market Development Manager, Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), presents the GMAT Online in detail and answers questions from the webinar participants.

At GMAC, Sara helps institutions understand graduate management education trends and use GMAC resources to improve student recruitment. She also engages with prospective candidates to raise awareness of the benefits of graduate management education and the GMAT exam.

About GMAT Online

GMAT Online is basically the same exam, but delivered differently.

What is the same?

  • Exam content and structure.
  • Control and flexibility.
  • Scoring methodology, algorithm and score scales.

What is different?

  • Delivery model and test taking experience.
  • Check-in and exam initiation.
  • Proctoring and security protocols.
  • Score reporting and access.

The GMAT Online exam will be available as long as the disruption continues.

Test structure

The structure is basically the same with the exception that GMAT Online does not have an Analytical Writing Assessment section. GMAT Online’s sections have the same number and type of items. Time limits are the same, too.

Another difference is that the section order in GMAT Online is fixed (Quant, Verbal, IR). There is also one optional break, compared to two for the test center exam. 

Test taking experience

Before examinees start the exam, they need to run a system test and install Pearson OnVue software on their computer. As part of the proctor check-in, test takers need to scan their desk and work area with a 360-degree web cam. The exam is launched by the proctor, with test takers required to keep a live video feed on. The recording of the entire session will later be reviewed by GMAT’s operation and security team. If the test taker has an issue and wants to communicate with a proctor, they can click on the live chat button.

For more about security, the test taking experience, preparation resources, and common questions, watch the recording of the webinar. You may find it extremely useful, especially if you plan to take the GMAT Online.