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  • A majority of Round 1 MBA application deadlines are approaching in two months.
  • Many Class of 2021 MBA essay questions have already been posted.

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  • If you are among the candidates who are applying to several business schools, it is wise to begin the application process with your dream school as you will have enough time to put in the effort and avoid stress. Stacy also suggests:

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Another option is to review the essays for all of the schools you’re interested in and then pick the most extensive set to begin drafting. That way, you may be able to leverage some content — such as the explanation of your short- and long-term career goals — for your remaining applications.

  • Conversely, starting off with the easiest essay questions might make words flow faster and increase your confidence to proceed on to the more challenging ones.
  • By avoiding procrastination and putting your time management skills to the test, crossing off a completed application sooner rather than later, you will gain the momentum needed to continue with your next application.

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Source: Stacy Blackman