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  • “Double admits” is a term used by consultants to describe applicants who receive an offer of admission from both Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • By being proactive and networking with successfully admitted students, candidates will be able to learn from the experience of someone who was once in their shoes, use that knowledge wisely, as well as be able to receive personalized guidance or a second opinion on their application.

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  • In her article, Stacy comments that none of the double admits her firm worked with graduated from an elite institution. She adds:

Selected Quote:

In fact, all of the U.S. students in this group came from schools ranked between 20-50. Only one of the admits came from a firm known as a heavy feeder and recruiter for elite MBA programs. None of the others even had MBA graduates as supervisors. Their backgrounds included education, family business, military, energy, and Fortune 500.

  • Demographics and test scores are not true indicators of success. Stacy confirms that double admits may have mediocre scores, but exceptional leadership qualities.
  • Double admits are not superheroes. They are all involved in extracurricular activities which they are passionate about and take every opportunity to demonstrate leadership and management skills in a high impact, low-risk environment.
  • Maturity and experience are weighed more than age. From this year’s group that Stacy consulted, the average length of experience of double admits before they applied was five-and-a-half years. Her firm reassures younger candidates that if they have been able to succeed early on in their careers, that can only be seen as an advantage by the admissions’ committee.
  • Double admits are not self-centered. By mentoring others or giving assistance in the workplace, you will be able to demonstrate skills such as teamwork and cooperation.
  • Knowing “why” your actions lead to a completed goal will prove to the admissions’ team that you are self-aware and consistent. Even though some double admits’ resumes highlighted achievements at a top-notch company, their essays had a more personal tone and focused on their character and values in life.
  • Double admits are able to paint the big picture. Instead of wasting time thinking of the specific job they envision working at, they dug deeper for something more meaningful. All of them were driven to make a significant impact on people, globalize an industry or ease political tensions.
  • We all have our weaknesses, but not all of us acknowledge them. By admitting what flaws we need to work on, business schools understand that you would like to grow and achieve more. Double admits carry this self-awareness within them. However, they are also confident and likeable.

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Source: Stacy Blackman