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Quick Facts:

  • A safety school is a school in which your profile – scores, required experience and knowledge— is considered stronger than that of admitted students. These schools usually have higher acceptance rates and are lower in the rankings.
  • A safety school does not guarantee your admission but increases your chances. Keep this in mind, and put sufficient effort into all of your applications.

Useful Information:

  • Applying to schools you are not enthusiastic about is a waste of time and resources. When making your list of schools to apply to, include your dream schools but also safety schools which you would be happy to attend.
  • Compare your GPA, GMAT score and years of experience to those of accepted applicants in order to form a better understanding of your chances of admission. Stacy suggests how to approach applying:

Selected Quote:

A good way to determine whether your list should include one or more safety schools is by asking yourself how important it is for you to go to business school next year. If the need is immediate, then definitely include a range of schools of varying degrees of competitiveness. The application pool fluctuates each year, and all you need is one admission, so spread some risk around.

  • If you’ve decided to apply to highly competitive programs and have time until the deadlines, it’s smart to focus on the GMAT and tailor your profile to match the unique requirements of each program.

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Source: Stacy Blackman