As gaining admission to a top business school can be quite challenging, there are some MBA application tips that are essential for ambitious professionals. PrepAdviser’s recent webinar, hosted in collaboration with ARINGO Admission Consulting, revealed the winning strategies that will help you specify your career goals and ace your application.

While hosting this webinar, Emily Rich, CEO of ARINGO Admission Consulting, explained the main components of a great MBA application by using specific examples from top US and European universities.

As a start, it’s important to kick off your MBA preparation early enough. Even if you are not targeting a top ranked school, the admissions process can be very competitive. This means that a couple of months will not be sufficient to choose the right program and craft convincing application essays along with other requirements. In fact, Ms. Rich suggests getting a head start of two years to think about your career goals and to research the programs that you are most interested in. Fortunately, participating in this webinar or watching the video recording in full can be a great first step in your MBA preparation.

3 main reasons for an MBA

Before diving into the tips and tricks of successful MBA admission – such as preparing a standout CV/resume and clarifying your specific goals – the webinar outlines the three types of MBA students.

  • Switchers – This type of business school applicant decides to pursue an MBA because they are interested in moving their career to a different industry. For example, you might be currently working in real estate but really wish to transition to consulting.
  • Accelerators – If your goal is to reach a higher position in the business or company where you work, then you are an “accelerator”.
  • Future entrepreneurs – Some business school applicants are passionate about starting their own business and this is the main reason they decide to pursue an MBA.

So why are these explanations useful? Your purpose for wanting to attend business school should be at the center of your application. Consider where you fit in and be careful to outline your reasoning clearly and consistently.

MBA application tips everyone should follow

After discussing the importance of location of your future university and what top MBA programs look for in a candidate, Emily Rich gives two teaser tips for polishing your application.

#1 How do you write a standout CV/resume?

  • Write good descriptions of the companies where you have worked.
  • Mention some impressive responsibilities you have had.
  • Highlight honors and awards.
  • Connect the content of your CV to your goals.
  • State accomplishments, not only job positions.

#2 How do you find out what your goals are?

  • Take a pen and paper and imagine your dream career. Write down what you find important.
  • Consider why you would enjoy doing this for a living.
  • Then, connect this dream to your past or to something you have always dreamed of.
  • Explain why this degree at that particular school will help you get there.

If you are wondering what the other five MBA application tips revealed in this webinar are, check out the video recording above. Don’t forget that although watching a webinar can be a great start, it will just be the first step in preparing for business school admission.