If you are interested in attending a triple-accredited MBA program in France, now is your chance to find out more about the study experience and career prospects at Audencia Business School.

PrepAdviser’s most recent webinar welcomed Yombo Rahman, International Relations Manager at Audencia Business School, for an insightful presentation revealing the opportunities at the international university. She also provided useful information about the Full-time MBA course content, entry criteria, and application process.

Career prospects at the international school

Audencia Business School has four campuses in total, with the two main ones located in the French cities of Nantes and Paris. However, as Ms Rahman emphasized, the school prides itself in its global perspectives and diverse cohort. Professionals from all over the world are welcome to enhance their knowledge of consulting, digital business, and responsible management which is just some of the MBA expertise of the institution.

Professional growth is a key dimension of programmes at Audencia. The Full-Time MBA programme offers a variety of career services to assist class participants along the way. There are tools that help you define your career plans, specialised workshops per industry, and MBA coaching sessions by internationally recognized career experts.

Professionals who are wondering about the working opportunities that Nantes has to offer will be glad to find out that the city is an economic hub and a leader in agribusiness, aeronautics, and shipbuilding among others. But even if these industries are not what you are looking for, Ms Rahman revealed that MBA graduates of Audencia go on to find competitive jobs at companies such as Deloitte, IBM, Procter & Gamble, and PwC. Another interesting detail about the program is the corporate trip to Paris where the MBA cohort gets to meet and interact with successful local alumni.

You can find out more about the study trip and the Full-time MBA experience from the webinar recording.

Admissions process

You can also find out important information about the admissions requirements at Audencia Business School. According to the university representatives, the admissions committee takes on a very objective approach and looks at the facts presented in the application. This means that your work experience and grades will be more important than your cover letter, for example.

But what about the eligibility criteria? If you have decided to apply, you will need a Bachelor’s degree, at least three years of work experience, and fluency in English. An interesting aspect of the process is that a GMAT or GRE test score is not compulsory for admission but it will be necessary for the start of the program.

Applicants who are particularly interested in the financing options at the school can learn a lot from the webinar. When it comes to scholarships, Audencia Business School offers financial aid to applicants whose nationality is underrepresented in the MBA cohort. Another option is available to early applicants who submit their application before 31 January.

These are just a couple of the funding possibilities available at the French institution but professionals can learn more about scholarship allocation and budget planning from the webinar.

5 simple steps to apply

Finally, Audencia’s representatives summed up the five-step process that all applicants need to follow to secure their spot in the program:

  1. Check eligibility and required documents
  2. Apply and pay application fee
  3. Admissions interview
  4. Admissions decision
  5. Accept your spot

Are you ready to explore the Full-time MBA experience in France in more detail? We hope our webinar with Audencia Business School will help you with even more insights about the MBA journey and admissions process.