Learn from an insider how the MBA can give you a competitive career edge and how you can gain a competitive advantage for MBA admission to leading international business schools.

This video is a recording of an interactive webinar conducted during the AccesSchools online MBA one-to-one event, 27 – 30 June, 2016. During this free event prospective MBA applicants can have personalised online meetings with admissions officers from leading international business schools.

The video provides an insight into the essential benefits of MBA studies beyond ROI and career advancement. Learn how an MBA matters for building a new network, testing entrepreneurial ideas, fine-tuning you leadership style. Get to know how international and multicultural exposure is important for your MBA studies and your career. Learn why B-schools care about alumni career success and how B-school services can help you land a dream job. Understand how MBA programmes select their students in order to provide a nurturing learning environment for international business leadership.

Learn what the milestones are to craft a convincing MBA application for admission and why your genuine aspirations and clear career goals help school selection and successful application.

The presenter also answers questions from the audience such as what matters most in MBA application, how to apply for an MBA scholarship, how to choose between a full-time, part-time and an Executive MBA programme. Further questions are welcome in the Forum or Live Chat on PrepAdviser.com

The presenter, Iliana Bobova, is Head of MBA Admissions Consulting and a Career Counsellor at PrepAdviser. Students she has advised or coached over the years have been admitted and awarded scholarships for their MBA studies in leading universities and business schools such as Oxford Said Business School (UK), London Business School (UK), Harvard Business School (USA), Duke Fuqua Business School (USA), INSEAD (France), and IMD (Switzerland).