This is a video recording of the webinar hosted by PrepAdviser on April 4, 2019. Its speaker was Francesca Roveda, a member of the Recruiting & Admissions Team at SDA Bocconi. The discussion focused on how to prepare and successfully apply for SDA Bocconi’s MBA program.


SDA Bocconi is one of the top business schools worldwide. Hence getting admitted is no easy task, and requires careful preparation. Around a hundred people are accepted every year, divided into two classes with rotating composition. During the course of their one-year program, SDA Bocconi offers intensive study training with the emphasis on practicality.

What should you know early on before applying?

Just like any other reputable institution, SDA Bocconi's admissions process is based on a series of important factors: academic excellence, professional experience, solid motivation and well defined goals, international outlook. All these elements will determine your admission to the program. As per tests, prospective applicants should take an English proficiency test and GMAT or GRE. At least 2 -3 years of professional work experience are required as well. The average work experience among program participants is 5 years. Finally, two reference letters are also required.

Requirements for applying

To be considered for admission to SDA Bocconi you should send your resume and cover letter before the official deadline. Make sure to complete the GMAT/GRE or SDA test before then. You’ll also need two reference letters and a degree certificate.

Can you apply for a scholarship?

Planning how to fund your studies is an essential part of your preparation. SDA Bocconi offers a number of tuition waivers and scholarships. These are all merit-based. Tuition waivers specifically addressing certain geographical areas and academic backgrounds are also available. Francesca adds:

We have tuition waivers specifically addressing Latin American students. There’s one up to 100%, one up to 70%, and one up to 50%. And we don’t have scholarships that cover more than the tuition fees.

Extracurricular activities and the SDA Bocconi experience

Do not kid yourself. Getting into SDA Bocconi is hard; graduating from it is even harder. The school requires a lot of preparation and dedication from those trying to enter. But it also provides many benefits to those already signed up.

There are numerous extracurricular activities with strong focus on business networking. They are at the core of the SDA Bocconi DNA, and they can easily jumpstart your future career. Some of these include company visits, meetings with high-profile decision makers, and introductory entrepreneurial classes.

Career services

As already mentioned, the SDA Bocconi offer lots of networking opportunities designed to connect you with future employers, and grow your professional contact network. The school has a set of internal programs and workshops created to give you a competitive edge in the job market. Participating in such activities is highly encouraged.

To learn more about SDA Bocconi’s MBA program, watch the entire webinar recording complete with thorough explanations from SDA Bocconi’s Recruiting and Admissions expert Francesca Roveda!