This is a video recording of the webinar hosted by PrepAdviser. The speakers were James Whittle, Professor, Digital Marketing, Masters in Marketing and Communications, Rome Business School (Italy), and Biagio Chianese, Digital Marketing Manager. In the first part of the discussion James focused on Mobile Marketing, and its impact on businesses. During second part Biagio introduced the Masters in Marketing and Communications program, the admission process, and the benefits to study in the program.

Rome Business School is a renowned business school based in Rome, Italy. It offers various Master courses, and a 1-year MBA program. The curriculum includes exercises and real-life case studies, to better position you on the job market. The 1-Year Master in Marketing and Communications program is taught entirely in English, and can be attended both on campus or online. Lectures comprise half of the program, as the rest is dedicated to international internships and school project.

The Rise of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is still widely regarded as an oddity, or a buzzword marketers use in their speeches. But the truth is that the use of mobile platforms has grown exponentially. That has affected how Google and other search engines rank content.

In 2016 searches on mobile devices surpassed those on desktop. The averages time spent browsing on mobile also increased. This is attributed largely to the development of cellular network technologies. Lowering prices, increased Wi-Fi coverage, and turning mobile devices from accessories to necessities also pushed adoption.

The implications of a mobile for businesses were many. It changed content marketing in the sense of how we create and consume content. It introduced responsiveness as a standard in web design. It made marketing and advertising professionals rethink their marketing strategies and objectives.

Hear more insights into mobile marketing in our webinar recording.

Training in Excellence

The Master in Marketing and Communications program is one of several majors, that candidates can sign up to. It has a 12 months duration divided into two parts – lectures and international internships/school projects. The program is held both on-campus and online.

The program combines cutting-edge marketing and business communication strategies and knowledge with the practical experience provided by international internship programs in major companies. The program meets candidates with experienced professionals and business owners, ensuring that they get the very best not just in theory, but in practice.

A huge percentage of the program’s participants find a job, internship, or start their own business within six months upon graduation. This is partially due to the strong networking aspect of the program, and exposure to a vast number of businesses and recruitment professionals.

Admission and application

As always research, and prepare in advance. Rome Business School’s admission process requires applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, or relevant field. They also have to demonstrate English language proficiency, submit a resume, and a motivation letter. No GMAT/GRE is required.

Scholarships and tuition fees

Currently, there are several merit-based, partial scholarships available. Biagio adds:

We also have scholarships offering up to 20% of a candidate’s tuition fees with an additional 10% discount based on the chosen payment method.

Tuition fees vary depending whether or not lectures are held on-campus or online. For full time, on-campus attendance the cost is 12,000 euros, for part-time, on-campus/online: 5,500 euros, and for part-time, online-only: 3,800 euros. Payments can be done either once, or in installments.

To learn more about Rome Business School’s Master’s in Marketing and Communications program, watch the entire webinar recording complete with detailed explanations from Digital Marketing Manager, Biagio Chianese!