Experience an MBA class

You can now get a feel for its spirit with Geneva Business School's Professor Francesco Derchi who presents an introductory MBA-level class on how to build small challenger brands capable of winning in today’s constantly evolving business environment. His open lecture is followed by a presentation from the school’s Admission and Marketing Specialist, Inna Akhtyrska, and Geneva Campus Director, Mark Hatton, who gives us more information about the specialized MBA programs and admission requirements.

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Creating challenger brands

Today’s world is populated by major brands that give the impression that little space is left for newcomers, highlights professor Derchi. This saturation leaves little room for mistakes, and huge possibilities for creativity.

Small challenger brands have the unique opportunity to disrupt big industries by constantly evolving and adapting. As technology creates new relationship opportunities regardless of medium constraints, brands become the most important promotional tools for companies looking to grow.

The company culture and values that brands are promoting are directly tied to how the company is perceived by the general public. This also affects overall sales and positioning. The core challenges small challenger brands face today are globalization, digitalization and adaptiveness.

Hear more insights from professor Francesco Derchi in the full webinar recording.

Global education for future leaders

The Geneva Business School Master’s programs have been designed to give you the most up-to-date training for future leadership, a principle that is embedded in the school's motto: "Geneva Business School: Real Business, Future Leaders". With evening classes to fit your working life, innovative learning methods, personalized mentoring, and the opportunity to transfer between campuses, you will develop management and problem-solving abilities essential for success in any business endeavor.

Geneva Business School is a private business school with campuses in Geneva (Switzerland), Barcelona and Madrid (Spain), Astana (Kazakhstan), and Yangon (Myanmar). It offers numerous Bachelor, Masters and Doctoral business programs taught in English on campus and online, with its curriculum split between lectures and class projects. MBA students have access to internship opportunities in international companies and organizations upon completing their chosen programs.

Is Geneva Business School your MBA destination?

If you are inspired to take the next step and explore Geneva Business School and its MBA experience in Switzerland and Spain further, take the advice of GBS’s Geneva Campus Director, Mark Hatton:

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. At least three to four months. And make sure you apply to every single element. If you notice that there a nine or ten documents that have to be submitted, please make sure you submit every single one of the documents.

Getting to know the school and applying for admission can take several months, so starting early will work to your advantage.

Inna Akhtyrska also advises on how to plan your Geneva Business School MBA budget. The tuition fee per semester is CHF 10,650 (total 1.5 years program/3 semesters) payable in installments. Scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis. The school also provides accommodation services for their students in Geneva, Madrid and Barcelona.

To learn more about the benefits of studying at Geneva Business School and its various MBA and Masters programs, watch the entire webinar recording complete with explanations from the school's Admission and Marketing Specialist and Campus Director!