Do you have a passion for fashion management? Do you see yourself becoming a part of the fastest growing creative industry in the world? Earning a Master’s degree in International Fashion Management from Antwerp Management School might be the right step to help you develop a global understanding of new and different fashion markets and to prepare you for a middle or senior management role.

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Apart from delving into Antwerp’s bustling entrepreneurial and textile scene, you will have the unique opportunity to study in the top fashion hubs of the world – Sao Paulo, Milan, and London, while exploring the relationship between global and local fashion markets and the challenges they present.

Make sure to watch the video above to get a better idea of what the Master’s programme has to offer and how you can best prepare for the application process. Annick Schramme, Academic Director, and Meredith Wood, Programme Manager, discuss the concept of the programme, the curriculum, job opportunities in fashion, and some practical details.

In addition, you will learn about the school’s exciting extracurricular activities including Student Council, Google Digital Master Academy, and the international trip to Dublin (home to Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google).

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