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  • Business Schools rarely reveal the reason for declining your application. Instead of wasting time on self-pity, focus your energy on trying to reveal what your weaknesses were, and then address them.
  • Rushed applications get sidelined. Take the time to research each school’s unique values and culture, and find out what they look for in an applicant.
  • The admissions’ team needs to be convinced of your skills and qualities. Choose a recommender who will be able to write in an informed manner. In Stacy Blackman's article, Ed Redden explains:

Chosen Quote:

I didn't give my recommenders much direction or background. They were not familiar with the MBA application process and had never written a letter of recommendation like that before.

Useful Information:

  • Create a “recommender package” which has instructions for both the process and content of the letter. Be specific with the requirements of the structure. You can include a list of your strengths backed up with examples, as well as your weaknesses, and how you have grown from them.
  • When Redden reapplied, he chose each recommender for a specific reason, and worked individually with them highlighting different aspects of their relationship, and helping them pinpoint his achievements according to his application strategy.
  • Before writing the application essay, brainstorm personal stories which reveal positive character traits you want to emphasize. It’s not only about the business aspect—which often features similar career background traits among applicants. Be open to writing about interests, passions, family and friends which have shaped you and have made an impact on your personal development.
  • Revise your resume until you feel it specifically reflects the rest of your application.

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Good luck with your application!

Source: Stacy Blackman