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  • Professionalism is not only reflected by outstanding achievements at work but also by a high level of maturity and emotional awareness. Reach Ivy gives an example:

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Are you impatient and short tempered? Sure, these might be qualities you’ve seen in on-screen managers, but the admission committee might look upon this as a sign of immaturity. These are displayed in the essay and interview components of the application process.

  • The admissions committee must be convinced that you will be able to face the academic rigor of a master’s degree and perform well under a high-pressure environment. For that reason, they will be looking for intellectual capability. This component of your profile is indicated in your GPA, and GMAT/GRE scores. You can add further detail, by mentioning any research or academic interests in your personal essay.
  • Strong leaders are action-oriented. Sure, it’s great to have ideas, but you should have the drive and motivation to follow them through to the end. A candidate greatly increases their chances of admission if they are able to demonstrate that they know how to weigh risks, and take action towards making a product or service marketable.
  • Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is vital to an admissions committee. You don’t need to become the next George Orwell, but you should acknowledge that fact that, during your MBA, you will be placed in situations, in which getting your point across verbally and on paper, becomes a daily chore.
  • Business schools are interested in your quantitative skills. There’s no need to be a math genius, but you should have a GMAT score that meets the requirements of the program you are applying to.

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  • Business schools will definitely be impressed by your ambition, but if they don’t see any potential, your application might be pushed aside. Make sure that you give specific information on your future career goals and describe how a degree from that particular school will help you achieve them.

Do you meet these general MBA candidate requirements?

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