The Master in Management degree is one of the most valuable and highly respected paths you can take in your education and future career. In this webinar with NEOMA Business School (France), Fernando Llambias, Head of International Recruitment, reveals exciting details about the program and what makes it unique for international students.

Tracks and specializations

Have you already decided how you want to grow your career in the near future? If you have set your eyes on a particular field of work, the tracks and specializations at NEOMA’s Master in Management (MiM) can be the perfect opportunity to focus your skills and knowledge in a particular industry.

Take as an example the three different tracks available as part of your studies.

  1. CFA track: pass two levels of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and get a professional qualification in financial expertise for the CFA Institute
  2. Entrepreneurship track: get immersed in one of the three incubators for entrepreneurs located at NEOMA’s campuses
  3. Risk and Financial Technologies track: prepare for a career in financial risk management

Moreover, during your second year you can choose a second degree in Finance and Accounting, Marketing, or Business and Management. This is a great opportunity for Master’s applicants who are considering the merits of a double degree program.

Talent and career development

Attending university is never just about gaining new knowledge from courses and textbooks. Career development is also at the center of your graduate experience. NEOMA Business School has a specific department designed with this idea in mind.

Throughout your studies, you will also be able to receive help in finding and organizing your internship, shaping your long-term career, and meeting potential employers. Company partners frequently participate in seminars and recruitment sessions on campus so that you can easily find your dream workplace.

Are you interested in finding out what your career could look like after the Master in Management? Watch the full webinar for information on how many graduates work abroad and what their average salary is.

Application tips

As Head of International Recruitment, Fernando Llambias knows the most common and easily avoidable mistakes applicants make. Follow the advice he shared during this webinar to make your application successful.

#1. Get to know the program

When applying to this MiM program, first make sure that this is the best option for you. If you are an international applicant, this will be a big study abroad project so make sure you want to invest your time and money in it. Browse the website and brochures to inform your decision.

#2. Manage the timing of your application

When you start the application process online, don’t take too long to finish it. Otherwise, this leaves the admissions committee with the impression that you are not serious about the project.

#3. Be specific about your motivation

Especially when it comes to the essay questions you will need to answer in your MiM application, be specific and be clear. Communicate your motivation for the field of study, the program, and the school.

#4. Prepare for the interview

When it comes to the admissions interview, Fernando Llambias recommends a two-step preparation process. First, make sure you understand the strongest points of the MiM at NEOMA Business School. Then, ask yourself how this program will help you with your career and academic status. This is a question you can expect during the interview.

The next intake for the Master in Management at NEOMA is in September 2020. You still have some time to think about and prepare your application. If you are looking for even more information that can help your successful Master’s admission, watch the full webinar recording and the special Q&A session in the second half.