Stacy Blackman answers an extremely relevant question for everyone applying to an MBA programme. The question was asked by an MBA applicant named William. He says:

I believe I’m a strong candidate for a top business school. The problem is that when I look around me, most of the people that I know, who also graduated from a top school and also have a high powered job, are similarly qualified. I struggle with how to make myself stand out from my peers when we really don’t seem that different.

Many of us undervalue our uniqueness and shy away from sharing personal details that can really help us stand out and make all the difference in the MBA application process. We think that the admissions committee does not want to hear about such aspects and that a particular business school would not be interested in that side of us. The truth is you need to get over all of that. If you want to do well in the MBA admissions process you really have to communicate who you are and not just what you do.

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Stacy gives three tips to keep in mind if you think that your personality is the same as a one-page resume.

1. Tell your story

Tell your personal story. Point out what inspires you, what moves you, and what matters to you. Say why you have done the things you have done. It’s those little details that are really going to bring your story to life.

2. Tell what you value and believe in

So, when you are talking about playing basketball or working as a financial analyst, explain why those things are meaningful to you and what led you to your current destination. Why have you arrived where you are and why have you made these decisions?

3. Inject some personality into your application

Be sure to include a little bit of humour and empathy. Talk about your fears. Talking about what’s inside is going to differentiate you from all the other financial analysts or engineers in the applicant pool.

Keep these tips in mind as you are going through this process and you will be able to submit a distinct application that truly reflects who you are.

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