• For any business school, including ESADE, it is crucial to have done your homework on what type of candidate they are looking for. It is recommended to get in contact with b-school representatives and ask them questions based on the preparation and research that is done beforehand.


• In Yulia's experience, the biggest mistake candidates make is not spending enough time on the application. This makes it difficult for the b-school to understand the true motivation of a candidate and their potential to succeed in the program.

• When writing your essays, Yulia advises candidates to stray away from formulaic expressions in an attempt to give the answer that the admissions team expects. Instead, painting an honest picture of yourself will demonstrate self-awareness and confidence.

• Don't leave admission test preparation to the end, and make sure you have received all of your scores before applying. Yulia says:

Talking about the holistic approach, it’s very important for us to evaluate all the candidates based on the very same selection criteria. That’s why the GMAT and GRE are so important to us. The exams are part of the whole application – we don’t consider scores in isolation.