With the year almost over, UnimyPrep looks back to revisit the most popular articles over the last 12 months.

While 2020 was undeniable difficult following the outbreak of Covid-19, 2021 offered some relief thanks to the availability of vaccines.

Against this background, here is what our visitors read in 2021.

#10. 7 TOEFL Reading Tips and Strategies for Preparation and Test Taking

TOEFL is one of the most commonly used standardized English proficiency tests required for admission to graduate programs taught in English around the globe. We have selected seven TOEFL reading tips that can improve your preparation, as well as your actual performance during the test.

#9. 5 Interview Tips to Help You Ace Master’s Admission

The Master’s admission interview can seem like the last step before admission, but it is the first to mark you out as a potentially desirable recruit. So desirable, that you can even get a scholarship offer.

#8. A Winning Motivation Letter for the Master’s in Management in Maastricht

The Netherlands has long been known as a cultural and political hub, a place where people from all walks of life can meet and collaborate. Between the endless bicycle lanes and delicious local cheeses, the country houses some of the oldest and most respected business schools and universities in Europe. Hermina Kooyman tells us all about writing an outstanding motivation letter.

#7. Free Online GMAT Study Material

The GMAT study material available on the Internet may be really overwhelming if you have decided to prepare on your own. Here is a handy review of five free online resources compiled by someone who has already conquered the GMAT.

#6. CFA or Master’s in Finance. The Dilemma

Admission to and success in a Master’s in Finance program requires sound preparation, as does obtaining the CFA. That is why we provide an overview of some major considerations for those wondering which qualification to choose.

#5. 5 Tips for Crafting a Strong Statement of Purpose for Your Master’s Application

Given the importance of formal education as an essential part of life-long learning, pursuing a Master’s degree becomes crucial. In turn, enrolling in a Master’s program requires preparing a strong statement of purpose, also called application essay. Having a clear and convincing statement can help applicants stand out and show their uniqueness and potential.

#4. What Can You Do after Obtaining an MBA Degree? (Updated)

Probably many of you ask yourselves whether an investment in an MBA program will ever pay off. Simon asked himself the very same question and even though most research on the topic confirmed that education pays off, he struggled to find types of existing options that MBA graduates can take other than listings with types of careers. Based on his own experience, he actually concluded that MBA graduates can do a whole lot after they finish their education.

#3. 5 Free GMAT Prep Online Resources

We know how important the GMAT exam is, that's why we have compiled a list of free GMAT prep online resources to help you pass the GMAT with flying colors. Go through our list of five websites that cover every aspect of the GMAT preparation process.

#2. 11 Steps to Achieving a High IELTS Score

Achieving a high IELTS score takes understanding the IELTS and consistent preparation. Here is a step-by-step guide to beating the IELTS.

#1. 12 Free GRE Preparation Resources

There is a considerable amount of free GRE preparation resources available on the web. You don’t need to spend a fortune to prepare for the exam.