This is a recording of the free online webinar which was hosted by PrepAdviser on 18 April, 2018. It focused on Antwerp Management School’s 3 Continent Master in Strategic Marketing. The following is a summary of the webinar.

Local or Global?

Apart from attending lectures and company visits at Antwerp’s local campus, the 3 Continent Master in Strategic Marketing requires studying how marketing impacts sustainability in Fortaleza, Brazil, and a full immersion spent in New York City helping fill a gap at a company. The structure of this type of dynamic programme allows for a broader grasp of the field of marketing and how to approach problems using a different cultural perspective. Adapting to and understanding others is crucial in the decision making process, and is especially relevant in our current globalised business environment. The university also offers the possibility for an OPT (Optional Practical Training) in USA, which allows the student to stay in the country for two years without the need of a visa.

How do I stand out from the rest?

In an applicant pool of thousands of potential students, you might be wondering how to make your application leap out and amaze the admissions’ team. In fact, there is no well-guarded secret on how to receive instant acceptance, but if you are confident of your strengths and experience, and how they relate to the specific programme, this will reassure the university that you are a great match.

Academic Director & Dean Paul Matthyssens explains:

We really want to see your motivation, the drive within you, not only the grades. I think marketing is about passion. We want to see how you can contribute to the group, and we prefer students who are open to the opinions of others. We don’t employ a hierarchical system, but a positive social exchange perspective.

What are my strengths and weaknesses?

You might agree that choosing a career seems hard enough, but finding a job which meets your requirements and is satisfying also doesn’t come easy. Sometimes, even after deep self-reflection and analysis, we fall short on what and where we are meant to be professionally. For that reason, we seek guidance from others who force us to step back and see the bigger picture. Career centres are offices in a university which are full of resources. There are counselors who help students form a better understanding of their options and make a concrete plan of action. A session at the centre might include a CV check or a mock interview. Meredith Wood, Programme Manager says:

The leadership and development track is what makes our students competitive. We help them develop their strengths and weaknesses.

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