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  • Admissions consultancy firm Kira Talent audited the admissions’ process of 145 business schools and found out that they were not as meticulous as anticipated. Most schools were given a grade of C+ when measuring the number of people reviewing each MBA application as well as the number of applications reviewed daily.
  • Two schools scored an A- and B+, but Kira was unwilling to disclose their names.
  • 97% of schools claimed candidates should be reviewed fairly, while only half admitted that bias is a part of the admission process.
  • Andrew Hastings of Kira reminds us that GMAT scores are quantifiable. However, soft skills are not and make application reviews more challenging. C.S-W elaborates:

Selected Quote:

Some black marks against schools appear to be more concerning than others. More than four in 10 schools surveyed have just one person interviewing all their applicants—an issue, believes Mr Hastings, even if the interviewer means no ill will to any applicants. That one person may have had to interview 15 or 20 others that day, and may be sitting down without a standardized set of questions or criteria to compare one applicant against their competitors.

Useful Information:

  • Be aware that in a pool of thousands of applications, admissions’ teams will not get to every detail of your application. In order to stand out from the rest, focus on highlighting your strongest skills and accomplishments to date and try to structure your thoughts clearly and concisely.

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Source: The Economist